The Deep End

The Deep End

The Deep End by On Deck is a podcast where visionary builders, creators, and experts discuss world-changing ideas. We skip the surface level and go in depth into ideas that matter including the futures of commerce, higher education, art, governance, longevity, and more with some of the most exciting figures in these fields. The Deep End is hosted by Marshall Kosloff and produced by On Deck—where top talent go to accelerate their ideas and careers. Visit for show notes and additional essays.

Recent Episodes

The Indian Startup Ecosystem with Anand Chandrasekaran

May 19, 2022

Anand Chandrasekaran is a full-time angel investor & advisor with extensive executive experience at some of the biggest names in tech, including Five9, Facebook, and Yahoo. He has also started several of his own companies. …

Solarpunk Tech with Lucas Bagno and Ian Cinnamon

May 5, 2022

This week's guests are Ian Cinnamon and Lucas Bagno. Ian and Lucas are the co-hosts of Village Global’s new Solarpunk podcast, which focuses on space, technology, and defense. The theme of the conversation today is Solarpu…

Embracing Hard Tech with Eli Dourado

May 2, 2022

This week's guest is Eli Dourado, an economist who says that all he wants is for GDP per capita to reach $200k in 2050. Marshall's conversation with Eli today centers around how to get economic growth back on track after t…

Evolving Internet Culture with Default Friend

April 28, 2022

Today's guest is "Default Friend," an internet personality who writes about internet culture and digital communities. Our discussion starts by using the recent Taylor Lorenz controversy regarding her story on Libs of TikT…

The Future of Focused Work with Freedom's Fred Stutzman

April 25, 2022

Fred Stutzman is founder and CEO of Freedom - a company developing a toolset for the future of focused work in a distraction-first world. Our discussion is about what the future of work will look like in a world where the …

Personalized Wellness with Rootine's Rachel Sanders

April 18, 2022

Rachel Sanders is co-founder and CEO at Rootine, a company focused on optimizing health and performance through precision nutrition. Rootine is focused on what they call precision health and nutrition, which involves lookin…