The Deep End

The Deep End

The Deep End by On Deck is a podcast where visionary builders, creators, and experts discuss world-changing ideas. We skip the surface level and go in depth into ideas that matter including the futures of commerce, higher education, art, governance, longevity, and more with some of the most exciting figures in these fields. The Deep End is hosted by Marshall Kosloff and produced by On Deck—where top talent go to accelerate their ideas and careers. Visit for show notes and additional essays.

Recent Episodes

Venture Stories: How Royal is Transforming the Artist-Fan Relationship

July 29, 2022

JD Ross (@justindross) and Justin Blau (@3LAU), co-founders of Royal, join Erik Torenberg and co-host Ian Cinnamon for this episode of Venture Stories web3 series. Takeaways: - Royal stems from their vision to invest in t…

AI Companionship with Replika's Eugenia Kuyda

July 21, 2022

Eugenia Kuyda is the founder and CEO of Replika, an AI companion company. Our conversation today centers around the different use-cases of AI, from task-oriented chatbots to emotionally-supportive AI companionship. We delve…

Venture Stories: Labor Marketplaces with Traba's Mike Shebat

July 15, 2022

Today, we’re syndicating an episode from the Village Global podcast hosted by On Deck co-CEO Erik Torenberg. The guest on the show is Mike Shebat - CEO & Co-founder of Traba and a member of Forbes 30 Under 30. Mike particip…

The Network State Revisited with Balaji Srinivasan

July 7, 2022

A year ago, we launched The Deep End with Balaji Srinivasan as one of our first three guests. In the episode, he discussed the impending arrival of The Network State. Flash forward to this Monday on the fourth of July when B…

Driving Better Health with Roundtrip's Mark Switaj

July 1, 2022

Mark Switaj is co-founder & CEO of Roundtrip Health. Roundtrip is driving better health by providing a full suite of non emergent transportation options to patients in different care settings across the country. After expl…