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Up there with Stratechary

I rarely write reviews but this podcast should be at the top of your rotation. Practical explorations of emerging technologies, behaviours, and industry with really smart people resulting in smart conversations. Great work.


Simply superb content curated and presented perfectly.

Great Podcast!

Love Marshall’s work. Got here from Rising -> BP -> realignment to here. Keep it up!!

Food for thought

This series has been great so far! It looks at some big, challenging spaces, and I love that it focuses on how smart people think about those spaces, rather than just trying to give an answer.

Conclusions after listening to 5 episodes

Intelligent, engaging, fast-paced. Focus is on future society, technology, business, and politics. Their guests are the top, most brilliant, people in their fields.

Excited for more episodes

Such valuable insight, loving it so far


Amazing quality! Keep it up! Only suggestion is to make them longer!

Much-needed content

It’s great to have a quick way to go deeper. This is a much underserved need in the podcasting space.

Great start!

The first episodes are 🔥🔥🔥 and Marshall Julian team are bringing a fresh perspective the role of tech in our society - this one's a must listen!

Great listen

Really thoughtful discussions on fascinating topics — highly recommend!

Really interesting content

The Deep End dives into really dense subjects and makes them digestible. I’d highly recommend listening if you’re interested in going deep into some of the most talked about industries in tech.

Love it

I'm loving it and can't wait for more episodes

Great ideas!

Can always count on the On Deck team to put out quality content!

OnDeck Never Misses!

Anything produced by OnDeck I will consume. They are producing amazing work and this podcast is the next best thing. Tune in!

Love it

Listened to the first three episodes Depth of this thinking makes me craving more episodes!


Great podcast — highly recommend following anything On Deck puts out!

6 Star Baby!

Worthy of a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Awesome podcast that goes deeper into the guests minds

Great conversations with Marshall & guests on topics that I hadn’t heard before. Several nuggets have stood out and I look forward to new episodes!

Best tech podcast of 2021

Loving every episode so far. The depth of these conversations is something special.

On Deck is awesome

Awesome company & great lineup of guests !

Quality Podcast

Great pod. Worth a listen

On Deck Delivers!

Already listened to the 1st three episodes, and they’re all absolute goldmines. So excited to see this continue to grow and evolve, and I’ll be listening the entire way. A+!

So far loving it!

Glad to see this from my fave crew. If the future eps are anything like the ODF programming, should be great.

Just hit subscribe lol

For the last few years, this time has facilitated the most interesting conversations in startups and tech for its community of founders, creators, and experts. Now they’re sharing those awesome insights and conversations on this podcast. Just hit subscribe and thank me later!

Awesome podcast!

Really interesting guests and discussions!


So far this show has had an excellent discourse on the impact of technology in society, pros and cons, with great guests. Definitely worth a listen.

Unrivaled depth

If you’re into going deep on topics about the future of our world, this is the podcast for you.

Love these guys

Super thoughtful would listen to again :)

Eloquence in discussion

Erik T is a great speaker! I learned a lot in the first episode

Great so far

Very excited to get more episodes with more unique thinkers.