June 2, 2021

Creator Tools with Joe Albanese, Co-founder and CEO of Stir

Creator Tools with Joe Albanese, Co-founder and CEO of Stir

We talk with Joe Albanese, co-founder and CEO of Stir — a platform for creators to manage their businesses.

Joe believes that creators are professionals, and that for them to reach their full potential it is essential that the quality of their business tools match the quality of their creative output.

To that end, Stir is building the tools to supercharge existing behaviors in the creator economy by making it easier for creators to collaborate, split revenue, manage money, and understand important metrics — all in one place. They’re backed by high-profile investors, including Casey Neistat, Li Jin, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Patreon CEO Jack Conte, and Anthony Pompliano.

Ideas discussed include:
- Everyone is going to be a business
- How user behaviors precede productized tools
- Betting on human nature
- The compounding effect of the pandemic and TikTok on the creator economy
- How creators start in single-player mode but muli-playermultiple soon becomes essential.
- ”It's not about individual creators, it's about collectives”
- The power of niches
- Why creators are often anti-institutionalists and independent thinkers