March 17, 2022

Culturally Competent Care with Spora's Dan Miller

Dan Miller is Founder & CEO of Spora Health. Spora Health is a radically inclusive, virtual-first telemedicine provider focused on health equity and providing culturally competent care. Today’s conversation is about disparities in health care. Dan shares a little bit …

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March 14, 2022

Edupreneurship with Virtually's Ish Baid

Ish Baid is Founder & CEO of Virtually. He's also the host of the popular podcast "Reshaping Education. Virtually is building what it envisions as the Shopify for online schools. Ish and I spend the episode enthusiastically discussing the ongoing …

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March 10, 2022

3D Photo Studios with Colorful's Nik Redl

Nikolaus Redl is co founder and CEO of Colorful.app . Nikolaus and the Colorful team are changing how photos are created. Their virtual, drag & drop 3D photo studio allows creators to build stunning photos in minutes. We talk about …

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March 8, 2022

Trends in Climate Tech with Dr. Clea Kolster of Lowercarbon Capital

Dr. Clea Kolster is a partner and Head of Science at Lowercarbon capital. Lowercarbon backs companies that make money slashing CO2 emissions and removing carbon out of the atmosphere. Clea leads the firm’s technical research, development, diligence, and scientific strategy …

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March 3, 2022

ODX Fireside: Fixing the Supply Chain with Flexport's Ryan Petersen

This week, we figured we’d give you a peek under the hood of On Deck’s programs. Every week, dozens of amazing events take place in our programs across sectors (like climate tech, health tech, and longevity) as well as across …

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Feb. 28, 2022

The Future of Wallets with Phantom's Francesco Agosti

Francesco Agosti is an ODF alum and co-founder and CTO of Phantom - a wallet for the Solana blockchain. We’ve had many web3 guests on the show in the past year, but none have focused on the wallet. Wallet applications …

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Feb. 24, 2022

The PayPal Diaspora with Jimmy Soni

Jimmy Soni is author of "The Founders: The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley." The book hit shelves yesterday. In 2022, PayPal’s founders and earliest employees are considered one of the technology industry’s most powerful alumni …

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Feb. 21, 2022

Venture-Backed Video Games with Anthony Geranio

Anthony Geranio is Founder & CEO of 1v1Me and an alum of the On Deck Founders Fellowship.. 1v1Me is an app to play video games for money. We haven’t had a pure e-sports episode yet, so it was great to …

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Feb. 17, 2022

Optimizing Portfolios for Global Economic Upheaval with Alexander Har…

Alexander Harmsen is Founder & CEO of Global Predictions. Global Predictions has created a wealth optimization platform to help make its users better investors. Alex leaned on his experience in both On Deck Founders and On Deck Investing to make …

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Feb. 14, 2022

Techno-Optimistic Investing with Minn Kim

Minn Kim is a Partner at ODX - the community back accelerator and fund that Erik & David previewed on the show back in October. ODX’s first cohort kicked off last month and we were excited to bring someone from …

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Feb. 10, 2022

When Does Fringe Tech Jump to the Mainstream? A Conversation with Mar…

Mark Yusko is the founder, chief investment officer, and managing director of Morgan Creek Capital Management - an investment management firm that advises pension funds, endowments, and wealthy individuals. Today’s episode is far-ranging. We chat about network effects, virtual stages, …

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Feb. 7, 2022

Execs: Hyperscaling to $1.3 Billion Revenue with Flexport's Ben Brave…

Last fall, On Deck CEOs Erik Torenberg and David Booth joined the show to announce ODX - a new $100M community fund that allows On Deck to invest in the next generation of founders. Shortly after, we announced "ODX Flexport" …

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Feb. 3, 2022

A Back Office for Creators with Passionfroot’s Jen Phan

Jen Phan is the co-founder and CEO of Passionfroot. She’s also an alum of On Deck No Code, which past Deep End guest KP runs. This conversation builds off of past creator economy tool discussions that we’ve had with other …

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Jan. 31, 2022

Democratizing Hedge Funds with Composer's Ben Rollert

Joining Marshall this week in the Deep End is ODF alum Ben Rollert, CEO and Co-Founder of Composer. Composer allows its users to easily build a portfolio of hedge fund-like strategies. After we ended last year talking about DeFi and …

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Jan. 27, 2022

Introducing Execs: A Tactical Podcast for Founders in Hypergrowth

The Deep End returns in full on Monday. Until then: we're excited to announce Execs. Execs is a new On Deck show for founders who want to understand the playbooks, frameworks and tactics that leading technology companies today have used …

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Dec. 20, 2021

2022 Tech Trends

Today is the last episode of the year, and so we’re celebrating by doing something a little different. Rather than have a single guest on, we invited 11 senior On Deck employees to answer a single question: What trend do …

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Dec. 15, 2021

The Internet Salon with Interintellect's Anna Gát

Anna Gat is Founder and CEO of Interintellect. Interintellect describes itself as having reinventing the french salon for the 21st century. The salons of Early Modern Revolutionary France played an integral role in the cultural and intellectual development of France. …

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Dec. 13, 2021

Crypto & Tradfi with the Cypher Protocol Team

This is probably our most in-the-weeds web3 episode yet. If you’re newer to crypto, we recommend you scroll back through your feed and listen to any of our episodes with Patrick Riera, Cooper Turley, and several others to give yourself …

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Dec. 8, 2021

Overcoming the Six Stages of Health Tech Grief with Nikhil Krishnan

A reminder that we’re still looking for a researcher in residence. If you want to be a personal trainer of the mind for On Deck’s CEOs, head over to beondeck.com/researcher Nikhil Krishnan is the author of the Out of Pocket …

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Dec. 6, 2021

Frictionless Generosity with Overflow's Vance Roush

Vance Roush is Founder of Overflow. Overflow is building the infrastructure to make generosity frictionless across every major asset class. Vance is on a mission to democratize philanthropy to the masses. Through his experience with churches and other non-profits, he …

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Dec. 1, 2021

Resurrecting Extinct Species with Colossal's Ben Lamm

On Deck is hiring a Researcher in Residence to be a "personal trainer for the mind" for our two co-CEOs. To learn more, please visit beondeck.com/researcher Hot off last week’s episode about helping extend human life, this episode is about …

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Nov. 29, 2021

Deep Tech 101 with James Sinka

This week, we are joined in the Deep End by James Sinka - cofounder of On Deck’s Deep Tech program. Some of our past Deep End guests (and many On Deck fellows) are working at the bleeding edge of technology. …

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Nov. 24, 2021

Making Lifespan Malleable with Dr. Kristen Fortney

Dr. Kristen Fortney is CEO & cofounder of BIOAGE - a company working on slowing aging and chronic disease. Figuring out how to live longer is an age-old problem. For as long as humans have studied medicine, we have tried …

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Nov. 22, 2021

Launching an Africa-Focused Venture Fund with Abe Choi

Abe Choi is a prolific angel investor and CEO of Simple Dealer. Abe has partnered with another high-profile angel investor named Olumide Soyombo to create Voltron Capital - a Pan African venture capital firm. This is our first pure VC …

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