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Love the long-form format

Big fan of the host asking thoughtful questions and getting guests to take a deep dive into interesting topics about the future (also, love the techno-optimism!)

Fantastic podcast

Can’t wait for more episodes to come out! The first 3 episodes have such wonderful insights and guests and I can’t wait for more! Kudos to the On Deck team for pulling this together.

First 3 episodes were great - can’t wait to hear more.

I’m usually not a huge podcast fan, but the guests and content for The Deep End are incredible. Marshall does a tremendous job navigating the conversations with the first 3 guests and I can’t wait for future episodes.

Excited for this new show!

Loving all the insightful interviews and looking forward to more to come.

Immediate lineup addition

The folks at On Deck are building something great and this podcast has early inklings of reflecting that. Excited to add it to my weekly lineup :)

Dope guest

The first set of guest have been amazing. Only have seen a handful of podcast in this niche and I’m excited to add another one to my top 5

High quality info

Everything the on deck team does is really high quality. psyched to be able to listen in on these conversations, and be part of the broader community.

First few episodes were excellent

I really enjoyed the first few episodes. Adding this to my list of regular tech podcasts!

Love this podcast!

I get so much smarter listening to this podcast (starting from a low base though). Highly recommend, can’t wait to listen to the rest of them!

The only review you’ll need

If you are a builder, creator, visionary, etc this podcast is for you. Period.

Super insightful

So far so good - first speakers are awesome, looking forward to more of it!

Excited to dive off the deep end!

Ondeck folks always the best brightest involved, cannot wait to see their upcoming line up of talented speakers!

The first podcast episode I stopped working to listen to

I have a hard time working and listening to podcasts and working at the same time. I usually just end up focusing on work, and don’t even realize when the podcast episode ends. This podcast was different. It’s fast-paced, it’s insightful, and it kept me wanting to hear all the way to the last minute. Highly recommend

Consistently fascinating

Not your typical tech podcast—these conversations eschew the usual questions and get deeper and more intellectual. Highly recommended!

Love the content!

Really digging the guest and content of this podcast. Goes a lot deeper into each subject, from visionaries who explain their view of the future.

Came from Realignment

Marshall is the man! Center left listener here but I’d recommend Marshall’s to work to anyone no matter where you sit on the political spectrum! 💪

Must Listen | Star-studded Guests with Nuanced Takes

Wow. If the episode with Balaji is any indication, this podcast has set the new golden standard for creators everywhere.

Knowledge Bombs

Too many podcasts are just filler content these days. This one drops more knowledge than Einstein’s chalk dust.

Love it!

Amazing first episodes - excited to follow along!

Love this podcast

On Deck consistently creates the best content and features incredible guests! Love it!

The Deep End allows you to DREAM.

I have been waiting — for years — for the day On Deck released an official podcast. The living legends that have gone through On Deck, from entrepreneurs, leaders who help shape fast growing companies, to the investors who capitalize and support the promise of companies built in On Deck, there are so many gems of wisdom and stories of surviving the struggle that is company building... I just cannot wait to listen to these episodes. This new podcast, The Deep End, is going to allow me to actually DREAM; especially in these surreal times.

Love it

Just listened to ep 1, loved it. Can’t wait to get to the rest. 2 questions: What happened to the foreign affairs podcast you talked about with a Realignment guest a while back? Who are you top 5 podcast interviews of all time (tired of hearing Saagar humble-brag about his time in the oval lol)

Great guests and even better insights!

This podcast could have only come from the folks at On Deck. Great guests discussing some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for founders looking to challenge the status quo. Highly recommend!

Packed with value

It’s incredible to listen to a podcast packed with so much value and insight. The guests provide deep and intriguing takes on important topics. This is the type of podcast worth repeat listening to each episode.

Another On Deck Brain Child!

So excited for this podcast and what it has to offer. On Deck is already changing the game with its fellowships and I can’t wait to see what this podcast has in store!!

An amazing first three episodes

Insightful and a broad collection of guests and topics means that i can tune in weekly and expect to learn a new field/thesis.

Great So Far

If you are a fan of The Realignment then so far (3 episodes in) this seems like a great adjacent podcast.