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Great topics for depth, amazing guests for breadth!

Can’t wait for more episodes!! This is just great!

Let in a new future!

So great to hear more nuance in in the podcast arena, from fellow podcasters. 💚

Great start

On Deck has a great network of people building with a bigger purpose in mind. This seems like an important new podcast for sharing the startup insights that are traditionally the realm of Silicon Valley to a new audience.

OnDeck is fantastic and so is this podcast

Incredible content from high-level guests. 5 stars!

Excited about what’s to come ✨

Great host and insight into upcoming episodes - can’t wait for what’s to come 🤩

Insider view

On Deck/Julian provide a rare inside view into the world of tech. Worth the download!

One of my faves

Only three episodes so far but already one of my favorite podcasts. Brings on great guests and goes deep. High recommend.


Can’t recommend enough.

Thoughtful discussion at the frontier of tech and business

This podcast is a welcome addition to the canon of “philosopher kings” in the tech world. For background, I’m already a listener of the Eric Weinstein podcast and All-In, and this is a nicely paced show that goes deep into the subjects being interviewed. Excited to hear more!


High quality big brain content

Love this podcast

Love seeing the power of the On Deck community now translated into podcast form. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Cuts through the noise and goes deep.

This isn’t a trendy, surface-level podcast. The Deep End Podcast does just what it says: goes deep on topics that matter to listeners. Definitely off to a strong start!

Great podcast

Discussions worth having, keep it up!

Great Content

Deep conversations with great content! Off to a great start.

Lets you see ahead

Just finished listening to all of the available episodes. Each one, in a different way, left me feeling that I could see further ahead into likely or possible futures. It’s unusual to find this many of the people who are consistently thinking ahead of the curve in the same podcast. It’s like getting to listen in on the thoughts and ideas of visionaries, talking about the subjects that matter the most, before everyone else realizes what they’re doing

A goldmine of insights

On Deck never misses. Each episode so far has been jam-packed with insight. Eagerly awaiting more

On Deck for the win!

I’ve listened to many entrepreneurial-focused podcasts and this one seems to truly explore ideas and processes you usually don’t hear! Marshall is right when he says that this podcast skips the surface level!


The Deep End is an awesome, unfiltered dive into fascinating ideas in society today. Marshall is a great host, asking guests the right questions and unearthing insight that makes me wanna come back for more. Not to mention these first 3 guests are stellar. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

So smart!

I love this podcast <3

Off to a great start!

Marshall is three for three!

Insightful Podcast

Great discussion on the future of higher education and the current state of alternatives to the university system. Erik’s insights give cause for optimism in regard to the way higher education can be modified to meet current needs. I found his thoughts on credentialism to be enlightening.

Worth a listen!

This podcast is really interesting. Definitely worth a listen!

On Deck’s New Pod FTW!

When Balajis is one of your first guests, you know you’re listening to a podcast that has some serious potential. Super excited for some new episodes especially given how high caliber the OD community is - lots of amazing folks to feature!

Phenomenal Podcast

This podcast is one of the few high-quality podcasts out there. I’m so excited for the future guests 🔥

Fantastic podcast

Excellent content and production quality !

Great show so far

Marshall is a great podcast host and facilitates conversation really well

Amazing podcast

Learned a ton from this!

Important conversations

Three episodes in and can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. Informative, engaging discussions about what’s next. Don’t miss this one.

Love this

Amazing podcast.

The future of higher education

I am in awe of what Erik Julian David are building at On Deck. Loved being able to hear Erik’s thoughts on today’s university system and look forward to hearing more through future episodes. So happy this podcast exists.